Theraline - the specialist for breastfeeding pillows

TheralineNo other supplier has a more extensive product range of breastfeeding pillows. Five different breastfeeding pillow models as well as four filling materials enable you to select the right pillow. There is a large selection of covers for each pillow.

Theraline was established in 1993 with the aim of offering high-quality health products at unusually favourable prices.

By relinquishing expensive representatives, our favourable purchasing and an optimized German production guarantee unique cost effectiveness with the purchase of a Theraline breastfeeding pillow. The compatibility for mother and child and also for nature is very important to us. As the only manufacturer of breastfeeding pillows, Theraline already recognized years ago, for example, the problem of polystyrene odour and effectively solved it.

This and the refillable nature of our breastfeeding pillows are just two of many important examples of the responsibility we show in association with man and nature.